R. A. Seckler is the author of the zombie novel Containment Zone…released ten years ago. He hasn’t released anything since. He’s always trying to write new material, and has written tens of thousands of words on unfinished novels, but can never seem to finish them because he’s too busy raising his twin daughters full-time and dealing with his psycho ex-wife who’s a bigger pain in the ass than an anorectal abscess. One of these days he’ll get organized and finish new projects.

Containment Zone is available in print and as an eBook for Kindle on Amazon.

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  1. justiceburnaugh says:

    That’s a fascinating premise for a novel. Very unique. But I have one question. Are they actually flesh-eating zombies?

    • raseckler says:

      Great question! The short answer, yes. There is lots of flesh-eating the ‘zombies’ in my novel take part in. Flesh-craving…eh, not exactly. One of the things I’ve long admired in zombie films, television shows, and movies (aside from the fantastically gruesome ways writers and directors invent ways for zombies to eat people) is the fascination with the question: ‘Is there anything left of us in them?’ That’s what I really wanted to explore in this novel.
      This really is a different kind of zombie novel. One that focuses on one man’s struggle to accept that his life is over and that he will decay to the point that he becomes a stark-raving-lunatic creature very, very much like the traditional zombie concept.
      I wanted to write something that I had never seen before, but not stray too far from the zombie theme I love so much.
      So in my desperate attempt not to mislead you, I’ll try and lay out the following. The dead in my novel don’t attack and consume people simply because they crave flesh or brains or anything like that. It’s more that they are attacking and consuming flesh out of their anger, fear, desperation, and confusion over what is happening to them. They’re so balls-to-the-wall crazy when they decay too far that they really are just frightened, primitive creatures reacting to hostilities on instinct, and what more primitive of an instinct is there than to bite, and bite, and bite, until your prey/threat is no more?

      Hope that helps, thanks for stopping by my blog and considering my novel.
      Any other questions feel free to ask.

      • justiceburnaugh says:

        Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I appreciate you taking the time to discuss your book with me. It sounds like you have a true passion for what you do, I really like your book’s plot. I’m also a zombie enthusiast, and a Walking Dead fan. I think it’s great that you’re providing the undead genre with a fresh twist. Happy holidays,

        Justice Burnaugh

  2. darsword says:

    Thank you for checking out and following my blog. Though not a zombie fan, it is always fun to get to know another author. Following back! 🙂

  3. I’m not a zombie fan(Or any fan even; I certainly don’t have blades and different speed settings), or at all a monsters fan(Vampires, werewolves, the lot. Also, the fan joke again). Horror literature isn’t very popular around here, and discovering them now didn’t interest me much. I admit to little knowledge of them, and the genre altogether(Monster virgin?).
    Yet your answer to Justice Burnaugh really interested me. For some reason I’m always drawn to the inward moral battles, the more eccentric the better, and the quest for moral salvation, and, though you didn’t explicitly say that there is any salvation, I look forward to it.
    Good luck.

  4. californiapunk says:

    sounds interesting. zombies are not really my thing but i love a good horror story.

  5. I love a bit of zombie action – will check it out!

  6. Michael Frey says:

    Nice to know there are other zombie novelists out there! Cheers.

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